Thursday, September 30, 2010

Backyard Happenings

Ava and I enjoyed some time in our backyard yesterday. I am dreading the approaching cold weather and enjoying the remaining warm days.

DSC_0255 DSC_0258 DSC_0263 We played on the swing set for quite awhile. And by playing I mean Ava climbed all over it and I ran around frantically making sure she didn't fall off.

DSC_0267DSC_0277The dogs played and the chickens ate worms. I let the chickens out of their fenced area and Ava ran like she was being chased by a pack of vicious dogs.

DSC_0304We picked flowers for a good 25 minutes. Who knew it could be so entertaining. 

DSC_0308Playing with the wind chimes has become a ritual when we visit Kevin's garden.

DSC_0316Pancho's attempt at a smile. I suspect he has a slight attitude about having his photo taken. That stripe on his head = food Ava dropped on him.

DSC_0337DSC_0339 Ava and Duke are constantly clashing over his dog toys. He knows he has to be gentle with her, but he will stalk his toy until she gets bored and moves on to something else.


As I looked at our patio overgrown with weeds and scattered with toys, I was thinking about how someday our kids will be grown and on their own and we will have all the time in the world to do yard work.  For now I love just walking around the back yard, with grass past my ankles, playing with Ava.


Jonny said...

What wonderful pictures and great words, too. Can I come live with you guys?

corie willet said...

gorgeous photos, ava is getting so big!! :) that little chihuahua is adorable too!

Mom said...

You have the best attitude ever!

Kat said...

What an awesome yard!!! I can't wait for the day to have something like that! By the way, one day I may need to ask you advice about having backyard chickens, as we would love to do that!

Jeni said...

Great pictures...looks like a wonderful outdoor kind of day. We too do not put yard work high on the priority list...or housework...