Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pants on Fire

I know I said I would be better about doing more blog posts. What can I say, other than I lie….

I recently moved my laptop down to the basement so that I would not be tempted to waste my life on Facebook, message boards, and foot fetish websites.  So while I spent far less time on the computer, I have to make more of an effort to take the time to keep this blog updated.

Also, Ava has been running me ragged. I am not sure why toddlers are allowed to walk… who do I need to write to about this? Not only does she walk, she runs, climbs, eats a lot, screams, and poops her pants. And she has the nerve to threaten to never sleep through the night. Good thing she smiles at me like this:

DSC_0205 And then follows with this:

DSC_0215 Matt got the bathroom painted last night. I chose a color called coffee, which, I literally spent thirty seconds picking out. I figured with a name like that I couldn't go wrong. I will post pictures of the finished bathroom later, it turned out a nice shade of brown. It makes me want to poop, which is good for a bathroom, I guess. Matt had a little too much fun with the tape, I am not sure what he was doing, I'll let you be the judge…

DSC_0192 Emily had another soccer game this morning. They lost, but it was a good effort.


And finally, here is a picture of Ava with underwear on her head.

DSC_0199 And if that wasn't enough, she couldn't get them off….


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Kat said...

Tell me about it! You're right, it's good they ware cute!