Monday, September 27, 2010


Sunday was the perfect day to go apple picking. Matt had just finished running the marathon and was a real trooper when I told him we were not going to pass up the marvelous weather. The last few weekends that I have wanted to go it has been raining, so I told him to buck up and pretend that he didn't just run 26.2 miles, we have apples to pick. Not my fault… blame mother nature.

When we got there I took out my camera and realized the battery was dead. I gave Matt a spanking because, doesn't he know HE is responsible for making sure the battery gets charged? So we used the little camera that Emily brought along.

P9269653 Don't worry , I yelled at her to get out of the tree after I took this.

P9269663 Ava was fascinated by the donkeys. Maybe I should buy her one for Christmas. I'm serious.

P9269681 The apple orchard requires that you purchase 20 pounds of apples if you pick your own. Emily had that secured in about 5 minutes. She would pick apples all day long.

P9269696Ava just wanted to eat apples. This one hit the ground several times and I am pretty sure some grass was eaten as well. It's all organic, right?

P9269695So, the look on my face here…… I was trying to not squint and still smile. FAIL.

P9269707   P9269724 P9269714

We had such a great time. I am so glad Brent, Joanna, and Keaton were able to come with us. Now I just have to figure out what to do with twenty pounds of apples.


Joanna said...

I am craving apple crisp....HINT HINT!

Mom said...

I can make apple sauce and can it for you. You and Joanna ate a bunch of home made apple sauce when you were babies!