Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Matt and I, finally, decided that it was ok to leave Ava for two nights. Matt's parents agreed to keep Emily and Ava so that we could enjoy a weekend in Galena sans kids. I will admit that I was worried. Ava is still nursing and not the greatest sleeper. I was concerned that it would be a disaster and we would be driving in the middle of the night to retrieve a hysterical 2 year old.

Boy, was I wrong! Ava did great, appears to have no trauma from being left for two nights. Matt and I had a great time. Great food, shopping, great friends, relaxation… it was wonderful.


I enjoyed sitting on the deck, overlooking the woods, drinking my coffee before everyone else woke up.


The weather was nothing short of amazing. Warm during the day and cool at night. Perfect for bonfires.


And yes, I did bring Vern. He was a very naughty gnome. I told him that if he ever got confused and couldn't find the bathroom again, he would permanently retire to the garden.


I hope we are able to do this again next year. And no, my face is not red from too much wine. I swear.


Albert Kaufman said...

Hey there, please tell your hubby mucho thanks from a big fan of Better Facebook! It's really been a big help and I plug it whenever I can.

Liz said...

Looks like you had a great time! I do so enjoy seeing you and Joanna having fun! And Brent and Matt, too!

Jeni said...

That looks like a blast. So glad Ava did well! And my face would have been redder...must have been with less experienced wine drinkers.

Anna said...

You should frame that picture of the coffee cup. It is the ultimate "RELAX picture.

thailand holidays said...

This is what the doctor in me has ordered. A weekend getaway is I need to wind down.